Internet Banking Stop Payment Orders

You may request that we not pay a check which you have written. To do so, you must advise us of your account number, check date, check number, the amount of the payment, and the name of the payee. Sending us this request constitutes an Oral Stop Payment Order, which will be in effect for 14 calendar days only. You must confirm this request in writing, including your signature, within 14 days in order to extend the Stop Payment. Written Stop Payment requests with a valid signature are in effect for six months only, unless renewed in writing. You will be charged the fee for the stop payment request that is applicable at the time of the request. If you choose to renew the stop payment after the initial six months, the renewed stop payment will be treated as a new request and another fee will be charged. You agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us for any and all expenses and liability which we might incur if we pay on an item on which you have requested a stop payment, provided that we have exercised ordinary care. You also agree that if we return any other item drawn by you (or do not make a requested transfer) due to insufficient funds, which situation is caused because we have paid an item (or made a transfer) on which you had requested a stop payment, you will not hold us liable for such action. You understand and agree that we may accept a stop payment request from any of the joint owners of the account regardless of who signed the check or transfer request.