Send and receive money fast with Zelle

Send and receive money fast with Zelle. Doesn’t this sound perfect?! It does and it’s true. Zelle money transfer is a revolution in how money moves.

How many times did you need to send money- but you had to first go to an ATM, change currency, or write a check? It happened to all of us. But with online banking and a Zelle account, this can change.

Zelle Send and receive money fast

How to use Zelle?

In order to access this app, find it on your bank’s mobile banking app or online banking site. There’s no need to download anything. If it happens that your bank doesn’t offer this option, you can then download the Zelle app yourself and still use it.

Once you’ve enrolled, you need an email address, or a U.S. mobile phone number, of the person you’re sending money to and that is it. However, make sure you’re sending money to someone you trust completely.

When you’ve entered the amount you wish to send, the money will directly go to the other person’s account within minutes. If the recipient doesn’t have the Zelle account, they will receive a notification explaining how to receive money from Zelle quickly.

Mobile banking app and Zelle

If your bank is a partner with Zelle, you can find it in your mobile banking app. You can immediately start sending money to your family and friends. You need a U.S. mobile number and a debit card linked to a checking account in the U.S. It’s an extremely convenient way of money transferring.

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Send money to people you trust

When you send money using this app, it moves really fast. It takes only a few minutes for money to go from one account to another; therefore, it’s vital that you trust the person you’re sending money to.

It’s impossible to cancel a payment if the person receiving the money already enrolled in Zelle. On the other hand, if the recipient isn’t using the app, you can choose the ‘cancel payment’ option in the app.

Additionally, pay attention to scams because they may happen to anyone. Don’t use the app to pay for things when you don’t know the seller because you may pay it and never receive the item you bought.

When sending money to friends and family via Zelle, make sure to double-check their email or phone number. Why? The answer is that you can’t cancel a transaction if a person has already used a mobile number or email address to enroll in the app.

Is my information safe?

Since the Zelle app uses authentication and monitoring features, you can be calm when it comes to your info security. It doesn’t matter how you’re using Zelle (as an app or through online banking), it’s always safe.


It is extremely safe and easy to use and, the best of all, it saves you the trouble of running to an ATM or mailing a check. If you haven’t already enrolled with Zelle, it’s about time to do so. Send and receive money fast with Zelle and Prudential Bank’s online banking system. Should you have any questions regarding Zelle and our online banking , feel free to contact our experts at Prudential Bank.

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