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Whether your family is growing, and you suddenly need more space, or you’ve outgrown your mortgage, there’s room for everyone at Prudential Bank. With a wide range of residential loan products, Prudential Bank lets you borrow what you need when you need it.

Prudential Bank is a premier Philadelphia residential loan provider. Call us at 215-755-1500 or email us at for help.

Put your home to work!

Home equity loans – a simple way to unlock your equity

Home equity loans allow you to access a fixed amount paid to you in one lump sum. Whether you want to renovate the kitchen, add a bathroom, venture outside, and do some landscaping or even consolidate higher-interest debt, a home equity loan may be just what you need

Prudential Bank specializes in providing residential loans in Philadelphia, including home equity loans up to 80% of the value of your home. For more information on interest rates and loan terms, call us at 215-755-1500 or email us at

Home equity revolving lines of credit – designed with your life events in mind

Looking for longer-term options and higher loan amounts? You’ve come to the right place. Prudential Bank can help you open a revolving line of credit with the equity in your home.

What’s the difference between home equity loans and home equity revolving lines of credit?

A home equity loan traditionally gives you all the money up front in one lump sum. A home equity revolving line of credit gives you the flexibility to withdraw the money whenever you need it. So, you take only the amount you need during the draw period, while interests accumulate only on what you actually borrow.

What’s the difference between revolving and non-revolving lines of credit?

Home equity revolving lines of credit allow you to withdraw any amount of money up to the approved limit during a set period. As soon as the debt is repaid, you can borrow money up to the limit again with no renewal fees. Once the draw period ends, you can’t request new funds. With a non-revolving line of credit, the account is closed when the credit line is paid off.

What should you look for when shopping for a residential loan in Philadelphia?

Keep in mind your specific needs. If you aren’t sure when you’ll need the extra cash, a home equity revolving line of credit might be a good fit. But if you have a fixed amount in mind for a particular project, a home equity loan might suffice.

We have loans that are just the right fit: quick, flexible residential loans in Philadelphia.

No matter your goals, Prudential Bank’s products are designed to meet your budget and give you access to many of life's opportunities. Our loan experts are trained to help you find the right product, whether you want to buy your first home, invest in a vacation property, or refinance your existing loan. Give us a call at 215-755-1500 or check out our new mortgage pre-qualification calculator to see if you qualify!


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