A New Way for Prudential Bank Customers to Send and Receive Money

When you’re running late to your next call, but you need to pay your dog-walker or a babysitter, the last thing you need is a run to an ATM. Or when you’re dining out, splitting the tab with friends is a nightmare if they use different payment services. Having to download multiple third-party apps, registering for those specific services, and realizing it will be a month before you can access your money is hugely frustrating. Even worse, writing a check can cause even more delays. This is why almost every major bank, including Prudential Bank, has partnered with Zelle® to create a fast, safe, and easy experience for sending and receiving money.


No need for a dozen apps to manage your finances

It can feel as if a new startup offering some sort of online payment pops up every day asking for your financial data. But with Zelle®, there is no need to go down the time-consuming trail of checking who is behind the service and who owns your data. Zelle® is backed by every major U.S. bank, so you know your data is handled by people you trust. And since Zelle®  is already built into Prudential Bank’s mobile app and online banking, you no longer have to waste time installing any third-party apps.

If you haven’t used Zelle® yet, simply navigate to “Bill Pay” in your Prudential Bank mobile app and select “Send Money with Zelle®.” Once you enter your email address and U.S. phone number, you’ll receive a verification code and you can start using Zelle®. It’s that simple.


No pending payments

When you’re paid in cash, you can spend it right away. Online payments, on the other hand, are more complicated. Pending payments can take up to a month to become available, so it may take several days between being paid and actually getting your hard-earned money.


Unlike other online payment companies that show a “virtual balance,” such as Venmo and PayPal, money transferred using Zelle® moves directly from one checking account to another, so the money is available to the recipient in a matter of minutes. Just like with cash! But this doesn’t mean you have to memorize the account numbers of all your friends just because the money moves from one bank account to another. Zelle® allows you to send money using your friends’ email addresses and phone numbers, which are already stored on your phone.

Zelle®. This is how money moves®

Zelle® is free through the Prudential Bank mobile app and online banking, making it a safe way to move money between friends and family without sharing account information. People love using Zelle® because it’s fast: the funds are typically available in minutes. Built right into Prudential Bank’s online banking and mobile apps, it’s simple and convenient to use without any third-party apps. This means you can settle up with roommates, friends, and family, regardless of where they bank. Just remember that if a recipient doesn’t use Zelle® yet, they can enroll with Zelle® through their existing banking app or the Zelle® app using their U.S. phone number and email address. That’s it!


If you have any questions about Zelle®  or Prudential Bank’s online banking services, contact the experts at Prudential Bank.

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