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Process for depositing checks

Online banking

Manage your money anytime, anywhere with Prudential Bank Mobile Banking. You can conveniently and securely check your account balances, transfer funds, view history, pay bills, and locate ATMs and Prudential Bank Financial Centers.


Online deposit

Mobile deposit lets you deposit checks securely anytime, using our Prudential Bank Mobile Banking app. Deposit checks as soon as you receive them – skipping the trip to the branch or ATM. Deposit checks 24/7 in seconds using the camera on your phone or tablet.

New deposit

New Deposit Graphic

Scanning Images

To scan the check image you will need to turn your phone landscape. You will start with the front of the check. Make sure the image is clear and MUST contain all four corners of your check. If image looks good, select Use Photo

Front Of the Check

You will then turn the check over and scan the back of the check. Following the same steps as the front.

Back of the check

Confirm Deposit

Deposit Confirm Graphic

Deposit Pending

Deposit Pending will appear after the deposit is confirmed.

Deposit Pending

View Check Image

Check Images can be viewed within Mobiliti up to 45 days after the image been scanned.
Select View Check

View Check Graphic

Image loads

Image Loads graphic

View Front/back of image

View Front/Back Graphic

Deposit History

View History Options – View All / View Pending / View Failed / View Accepted. Create New Deposit

Deposit History Graphic

Failed Deposit

Failed deposit due to check location. The image below displays with the full check not in the picture window thus it failed (see picture to the right).

Failed Deposit Graphic

Select Retake Images (if front or back image fails, both images need to be retaken)