Meet the Lending Department

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin J. Gallagher has over 40 years of community banking experience.
“We continue to build businesses and provide individuals with the capital they need to generate economic growth in the communities we serve”
Gary Reilly
Gary Reilly has over 20 years in various aspects of the consumer and commercial finance industry with expertise in financial analysis, portfolio management, and risk assessment.
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright has nearly 20 years’ experience as a banking professional. She manages Prudential’s growing team of Commercial Credit Analysts, Construction Loan Managers and Loan Closing Specialists to provide a positive customer experience throughout the processing of commercial loans.
Jonathan Love
Jonathan Love has over 15 years of commercial lending experience and assisting companies/individuals with their financing needs.
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham has a deep breadth of experience in both commercial and residential banking, always placing the customer experience as his first priority.