Internet Terms & Conditions

I/We hereby request and authorize Prudential Bank to provide me with internet banking /internet bill-payer services. By signing this application I/we agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions. If I/we have enrolled in internet bill-payer, I acknowledge receipt of disclosure and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.

1. I/We agree that the uses of the internet banking system described in this agreement are subject to the rules and regulations governing the deposit accounts which are accessed by such services. We also agree to be bound by the schedule of fees and Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure received at the time the account was opened. Fees and service charges may be altered from time to time. In such event, you shall send notification in accordance with the law. Any usage of the system after notification of change will constitute acceptance of such changes.

2. I/We understand that I only may transfer funds out of my insured Money Market or savings account(s) up to six (6) times per monthly statement cycle using any combination of electronic services, such as ATM, transfers to my checking account for overdraft protection, deductions from my account to pay third parties, and including up to three checks (if Money Market account).

3. I/We agree to take all reasonable precautions to keep our PIN number confidential and to notify Prudential Bank of any unauthorized transfers to or from any account in accordance with the Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure.

4. I/We may not assign this agreement to any other party. You may assign or delegate certain responsibilities under this agreement to independent contractors or third parties.

5. In the event I/we wish to terminate service, I/we agree to contact Prudential Bank in writing. Such notice of cancellation must be supplied ten (10) days prior to the actual discontinuance of service.

6. Prudential Bank may terminate service to me and/or revoke my right to use software at any time.

7. Internet banking services will begin five (5) business days after receipt of this application.

The laws of the state of Pennsylvania shall govern this agreement.