Top digital banking essentials

What are the top digital banking essentials in 2020? Due to radical changes in the banking industry, the rise of competition in the shape of FinTech startups, and the increasing expectations of consumers, banks require modernization and improvement of their tech systems, i.e. digital transformation.

Financial institutions need to master all the essentials in order to satisfy their clients’ needs. Here are some of the digital banking essentials that every financial institution needs to stand out in today’s digital world.

Top digital banking essentials

Mobile apps

With technology so advanced, it’s not enough to have just any app. It is important to have a mobile app that can fulfill all the customers’ expectations. Your app needs to deliver an exceptional mobile experience with its intuitive design methodologies.

Users will read the reviews in the app store and customer ratings are important.

Customer experience

If you have excellent digital platforms, it makes it possible to connect and blend your physical and digital experiences. This can be in the form of allowing your customers to start an online application and finish it in your physical branch or to pre-stage an ATM cash withdrawal.

A single code base

What does having a single code base mean? It means faster development time as well as faster time to market. Some of the best digital banking platforms use a single code base that allows them to create and update apps without recruiting large IT teams. This is cost-effective, and it helps to deliver your digital services faster.

Custom branding

Get your customers deeply involved in your brand experience from the instance they tap your app icon. When you have a user-friendly platform, with the right features, images, and branded content, it’s possible to build brand recognition and have loyal customers.

Open APIs

Developing custom applications is important if you want to step up your digital game and having an open and flexible architecture will allow you to do so. Try searching for developer tools and APIs that will help you constantly modernize and improve the banking experience you offer.

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Everyone strives to know why customers use certain apps, services, or products. Therefore, it’s essential that you use a digital banking platform that enables you to see maximized data insightsso you can deliver personalized and targeted marketing.


Data security is of utmost importance. It’s important to the business and your clients. When you use a platform that uses advanced security measures, your clients will be satisfied and have confidence in you. It’s also important to continually work on security measures that will prevent cyber-attacks and safeguard all the data you have.

It may seem that the banking industry is slow to transform, but we can see the shift. In years to come, we’ll surely see many changes in how money is being processed and spent. As we are witnessing a growing demand for efficiency, speed, and innovation, the financial institutions will have to adjust. They will need to have the top digital banking essentials to offer in order to stay competitive and bring digital banking to the mainstream.


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